The CCBS would like to remind you that Brooke Schedneck is coming to the University of Copenhagen on May 23rd to give a public talk on “Spreading the Teachings in Northern Thailand: Buddhist Sites of Encounter as Spaces of Missionization“.

You can check out the Facebook event here and register for the talk by emailing:


Abstracts are now online:

The abstracts for the CCBS panel at the 9th Annual Asian Dynamics Initiative conference at the University of Copenhagen, 26-28th of June, 2017, are now online. Read them here.


Preliminary program is now online:

The preliminary program for the CCBS panel at the 9th Annual Asian Dynamics Initiative conference at the University of Copenhagen, 26-28th of June, 2017, is now online. Read it here.



Dr. Jane Caple has received the Marie Curie fellowship:

The CCBS is happy to announce that Dr. Jane Caple has been awarded the Marie Curie fellowship and will join the CCBS at the University of Copenhagen in the fall 2017. She will work on her project “Wealth, Virtue and Social Justice in Contemporary Tibet”.

Jane Caple is currently a Lecturer in the History of Modern East Asia at the University of Manchester, UK where she previously held a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship. She gained her PhD in Chinese Studies from the University of Leeds (2011). She has conducted long-term ethnographic research in northeast Tibet (Qinghai), with a particular focus on the revival and development of Tibetan monastic Buddhism in the post-Mao period, lay-monastic patronage and the ethics of different forms and modes of religious giving.



Call for papers: Trade and translation of Buddhist material culture across Asia

A panel at the 9th Annual International ADI Conference University of Copenhagen, 26-28/6 2017.

Send your abstract by March 1st, 2017. For more information, visit ADI’s website.

The panel is organized by the BBB-project.



The Carlsberg Foundation Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Carlsberg Foundation is offering up to ten postdoctoral fellowships for outstanding international PhDs to stay at leading Danish research institutions for a two-year period.

Read more about the fellowships, application requirements, processing procedures and deadlines here:

Carlsberg Foundation

If you are an eligible candidate with a relevant project idea and if you are interested in joining the BBB-team, please contact:

Trine Brox
PhD, Associate Professor, Modern Tibetan Studies
Director, Center for Contemporary Buddhist Studies

Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
University of Copenhagen
Emailtrinebrox @


Going to Bergen for the 14th IATS Seminar 2016?

Come and listen to the Buddhism and Business panel presented by two CCBS front figures.

Panel 6: Buddhism and Business: Examining religious economic practices from the past to the present

: 22nd of June, 2016. 9-14, see above link for time schedule.

Location: University of Bergen, Sydneshaugen School – Auditorium R

Conveners: Elizabeth Williams-Oerberg, Trine Brox


While Buddhism and business have been deeply intertwined historically, the complex relationship between religion and economics often raises ambiguous and contentious sentiments. Take, for example, the wealth displayed at Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and the luxury items used by Tibetan Buddhist masters. While these signifiers of wealth arise awe in many and disgust in some, common perceptions of Buddhism as an anti-materialistic and austere religion reveals the ambiguous relationship that Buddhism and business have had – both in historical and contemporary practices.

The panel, Buddhism and business: Examining religious economic practices from the past to the present aims at exploring the complex relationship between Buddhism and economic activity in various historical and contemporary contexts in the Tibeto-Burmese areas of the Himalayas and beyond. We seek to address how Buddhist business practices have been engaged – in both clerical and lay Buddhist communities – especially taking into account emic perspectives of how these practices have been employed and interpreted.



In her new book, CCBS Director Trine Brox discusses Buddhism, democracy, modernity and secularism.

Until the 30th of September, 2016, a special offer price of £48.30 for the hardback is offered at Enter the discount code AN2 when prompted.


Check out the article that Mads Vesterager Nielsen at Asian Dynamics Initiative wrote on our BBB-project:

ADI Academic Profiles – Trine Brox and Elizabeth Lane Williams Ørberg

Please feel free to go check out the full article by clicking on the link.
However, if you want a quick teaser, here is the introduction:

“The global attractiveness of Buddhism seems to increase year after year. The common trope regarding its relevance in the 21st century emphasises a spiritual lifestyle that rejects materialism in favour of asceticism and meditative practices.

It is no wonder, then, the sight of saffron-robed monks wearing fashionable sunglasses and carrying designer bags, or Buddhist monasteries’ display of riches and profit-making activities are interpreted by some as demonstrations of double-standards.

These seeming paradoxes are conundrums whose potential as objects of research has received little attention. Trine Brox, associate professor in Modern Tibetan Studies at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, is determined to change this with the international, collaborative research project Buddhism, Business and Believers (the BBB-project)”.