23-24 May 2019

Buddhist Consumption: Excess and Waste

The aim of this workshop is to contribute to the growing number of studies paying greater attention to the materiality of Buddhism, and in particular to what at times appears to be the excess and waste of Buddhism-related consumption.

17-18 December 2018

Religion, Economy and Value: Histories of Religious Fundraising

Our May-2018 workshop on value, values and religion was a success. We look forward to more discussions on this topic in December 2018 with the workshop “Religion, Economy, and Value: Histories of Religious Fundraising.” See the Call for Papers here.

16 November 2018

Tibetan landscapes

The workshop Tibetan landscapes privileges the concept of landscape, i.e. the material traces of human activity, which can help us understand the histories, communities, politics, cultures, religious practices, and economies of Tibetan people and places. As stated in our CFP, we invite one or two papers more.

2 November 2018

Tibetan Materialities and Cultural Economies

Call for papers! We welcome papers from scholars working in Tibetan contexts within or outside the geographical boundaries of Tibet, and who would like to engage in interdisciplinary discussions about materiality and economy. Send your abstract and short bio by September 24, 2018. See the call for papers here.

26 June 2018

The Aesthetics of Religious Belonging: Asian Perspectives

This workshop will gather researchers who are engaged in research on aesthetics, embodiment, affect and sensory experiences in religion to religion and belonging in Asian contexts. You can find a link to a call for participation here.


18-20 June 2018

Religion in Consumer Society: Perspectives from Asia

As part of the 10th annual international ADI (Asian Dynamics Initiative) conference at the University of Copenhagen, Trine Brox, Jane Caple and Elizabeth Williams-Oerberg are convening a panel entitled “Religion in Consumer Society: Perspectives from Asia.” See the programme here and the abstracts and biographies of the presenters here. You can find a link to the CFP here.

4 June 2018


This workshop brings together scholars working on a range of Buddhisms in contemporary China to discuss how and to what extent Buddhist space(s) in China are changing in tandem with broader economic, political and technological developments, particularly under the current Xi Jinping regime. More details here.

 24-25 May 2018

Value, Values and Religion in the Contemporary World

A workshop engaging with the recent resurgence of interest in theories of value, from the perspective of religious studies. You can find the line-up of speakers here and a link to a CFP here.

12 March 2018

Buddhism Under Stress? On the Modern Transmission of Buddhism

Public talk with Andreas Doctor on Monday the 12nd of March at the University of Copenhagen, Southern Campus KUA2, room 10.4.05, at 16:15.

 23 January 2018

Buddhism in Consumer Society

Workshop at the Business Ethics Center, Corvinus University of Budapest, in collaboration with Center for Contemporary Buddhist Studies at the University of Copenhagen on Tuesday the 23rd of January.

17 January 2018

Conspicuous consumption? Ritual expenditure in a Tibetan Buddhist community in Amdo

Workshop with Jixian Tsering (University of Oslo) on Wednesday the 17th of January at the University of Copenhagen, Southern Campus KUA2, room 10.4.05, at 13:15.

8 January 2018

Shaping ethical selves in Dutch therapeutic practices

Public talk with Else Vogel (Linköping University) on Monday the 8th of January 2018 at the University of Copenhagen, KUA2, room 10.4.05, at 15.30-17.00.

4 December 2017

Eating the “Spirit of the Grasslands”: The Trade and Slaughter of the Tibetan Mastiff

Public talk with Séagh Kehoe (University of Nottingham) on Monday the 4th of December at the University of Copenhagen, KUA2, room 10.4.05, at 16:15.

26 October 2017

BBB-LECTURE SERIES: Professor Inken Prohl, Universität Heidelberg, Public talk on “The Economization of the Individual Changes in Buddhist Inspired Practices of Meditation”
Proceeding from the insight that religious ideas are embedded in social practices, my paper will use a material religion approach to analyze the role played by embodiment, performances and material objects in religious practice. Understanding religion as a
sensory experience as much as an intellectual endeavor, Zen Buddhist inspired practices of meditation will be analyzed as ‘sensational forms’. The discussion of differing ascriptions toward zazen – the practice of silent sitting in Zen Buddhism commonly
referred to as ‘mediation’ in the so-called West – in Japanese temple Buddhism as well as in examples from contemporary urban contexts demonstrates that the same forms can evoke different sensations. Those evocations are dependent on cultural, contextual,
and individual dispositions that differ in traditional Japanese and urban contemporary contexts. As I will show in my paper, the practice of Zen Buddhist meditation transformed from a re-enactment of the Buddha’s enlightenment into strategies that aim at optimizing the self and are related to the economization of the individual.
Time: October 26, 2017 at 14:45, place: 10.4.05, KUA 2, University of Copenhagen

29 September 2017

The ‘Tibetan’ Singing Bowl: The significance of place attachment for a souvenir in motion

The BBB-Lecture Series welcomes you to an open lecture with Dr. Emma Martin (University of Manchester) at the University of Copenhagen, KUA2, room 10.4.05 at 12:15.

26-28th of June, 2017

Trade and translation of Buddhist material culture across Asia – preliminary program

A panel at the 9th international ADI conference. Trine Brox (University of Copenhagen) and Emma Martin (University of Manchester) are conveners. Read more…

25-27th of May, 2017

Buddhism and Economics: Conceptual and theoretical approaches to a burgeoning field

This small workshop was an effort to pull together scholars working within the field of Buddhism and economics with the intent to further develop the theoretical approaches we incorporate in our research. Read more…

24th of May, 2017

The Dukkha of Racism: Racial Justice Work in American Convert Buddhism

A public talk by Ann Gleig at the University of Copenhagen. This talk is part of the BBB Lecture Series. Read more…

23rd of May, 2017

Spreading the Teachings in Northern Thailand: Buddhist Sites of Encounter as Spaces of Missionization

A public talk by Brooke Schedneck at the University of Copenhagen. This talk is part of the BBB Lecture Series. Read more…

11th of May, 2017

Yasmin Cho: Labor and Money in Yachen Gar

The CCBS is thrilled to announce “Labor and Money in Yachen Gar: The Role of Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in a Monastic Economy”, a talk by Yasmin Cho. Read more…

10th of May, 2017

Approaching Mindfulness

The CCBS welcomes everyone interested in joining us for an afternoon of mindfulness on the 10th of May, 2017, at the University of Copenhagen. Speakers are Steven Stanley (Cardiff University), Ilmari Kortelainen (University of Tampere), and Kristina Eichel (Brown University). Read more…

10-11th of May, 2017

The Mindfulness Symposium

The CCBS announces the Mindfulness Symposium held at the University of Copenhagen, 10-11th of May, 2017. The symposium is closed for entries, but you may join us for the two open lectures: “Approaching Mindfulness” on May 10th. Read more…

16-17th of March, 2017

Workshop: Buddhism and Economic Relations in Asia (at Tallinn University)

The CCBS is thrilled to announce the ”Buddhism and Economic Relations in Asia” workshop at Tallinn University, School of Humanities, on the 16-17th of March 2017.

As part of the workshop, three lectures by professors Alexander Horstmann, Trine Brox and Elizabeth Ørberg will be open to the public. Read more…

5th of December, 2016

Valuing Buddhist Things: Religious objects and knowledge transfer in British India’s hill stations

A public talk by Emma Martin at the University of Copenhagen. This talk was part of the BBB Lecture Series. Read more…

12-14th of October, 2016

The BBB Conference at the University of Copenhagen

The BBB Conference was held at the University of Copenhagen on the 12-14th of October, 2016. Dr. Lionel Obadia (Professor in Anthropology, Université Lyon); Prof. Dr. Inken Prohl (Institut für Religionswissenschaft, Zentrum für Europäische Geschichts – und Kulturwissenschaften, Universität Heidelberg), and Dr. Dan Smyer-Yü (Professor and Founding Director Center for Trans-Himalayan Studies, Yunnan Minzu University) were keynote speakers at the conference. Read more…

You can watch videos from the conference here…

You can read conference write-ups (by students) here – look for the “WU” tag.

11th of October, 2016

Affordances of Tibetan Landscape: Eco-aesthetics and Post-Orientalism in Contemporary China

A public talk by Dr. Dan Smyer-Yü at the University of Copenhagen. This talk was part of the BBB Lecture Series. Read more…

23rd of May, 2016

Moral logics of monastic economic reform in post-Mao Tibet

A public talk by Jane Caple at the University of Copenhagen. This talk was part of the BBB Lecture Series. Read more…

27th of April, 2016

Engaging the Senses in the Tibetan tantric “Major Practice Session” (sgrub chen)

A public talk by Cathy Cantwell at the University of Copenhagen. This talk was part of the BBB Lecture Series. Read more…

26th of April, 2016

The Precious Lord: The history and practice of the Jowo Shakyamuni of Lhasa, Tibet

A public talk by Cameron David Warner at the University of Copenhagen. This talk was part of the BBB Lecture Series. Read more…