About the CCBS

Welcome to the Center for Contemporary Buddhist Studies (CCBS)

About the Center for Contemporary Buddhist Studies

The Center for Contemporary Buddhist Studies (CCBS) – located in the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark – brings together researchers and non-academic stakeholders who are engaged in understanding contemporary processes that impact the manner in which Buddhism is practiced and understood today.

One of very few international research centers for the study of Contemporary Buddhism, CCBS was established to concentrate and pool resources and expertise, creating a global center of excellence and raising the international profile of Contemporary Buddhist Studies. We aim to bring together scholars from a range of disciplines to create a fruitful academic environment that furthers research and interest in the field of Contemporary Buddhism. Through our projects and activities we hope to create a supportive and collaborative global network of scholars and non-academic stakeholders interested in Buddhism today. We work with our affiliated scholars and stakeholders to produce a body of original research on Contemporary Buddhism, disseminated through scholarly meetings, academic publications, teaching and learning activities and public outreach.

The Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies at the University of Copenhagen is an ideal location for the Center for Contemporary Buddhist Studies, as it is home to an integrated academic environment for the inter-disciplinary study of religion and the study of Asian languages and cultures.

Click here for information about our staff or affiliates.

Our activities

Outreach and engagement: Creating an international presence for Contemporary Buddhist Studies

  • Workshops and conferences
    • These include: the conference Buddhism, Business and Economic Relations – In Asia and Beyond (2016), the workshop Buddhism and Economics: Conceptual and Theoretical Approaches to a Burgeoning Field (2017), the workshop Value, Spirituality and Religion (2018), and the workshop Buddhist Consumption: Waste and Excess (2019).
  • Invite prominent Contemporary Buddhism scholars for research/study workshops.
    • Past speakers include: Inken Prohl (Universität Heidelberg), Ann Gleig (University of Central Florida), Brooke Schedneck (Chiang Mai University), Yasmin Cho (Columbia University), Steven Stanley (Cardiff University) and Ilmari Kortelainen (University of Tampere) and Emma Martin (University of Manchester).
  • We run a  video lecture series.
  • We are currently working on podcast series which will feature interviews with prominent Contemporary Buddhism scholars and stakeholders

Research infrastructure: Building an international community for Contemporary Buddhist Studies

  • Encourage and support junior academic research on Contemporary Buddhism at Bachelor, Masters and PhD levels
  • Promote and facilitate research stays at the Center for international and local scholars, Postdoc fellows, PhD researchers and Masters students
  • Initiate and develop applications for external funding of activities and research projects.


  • We offer courses at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies related to Contemporary Buddhism, including Tibetan Buddhism: Translations and transformations (spring 2018), Imagining Shangri-La (spring 2017), Global Buddhism (fall 2016), Buddhism in a modern world (spring 2016), and Buddhism in Asia (fall 2015). We are also planning a summer school 2020 on Contemporary Buddhism.
  • A monthly lecture series open to the public 

Current Projects

Our central project at the moment is entitled Buddhism, Business and Believers. You can read about the project here.

We are collaborating with scholars working within various disciplines: Buddhist studies, language-based area studies, religious studies, anthropology and economics. See our list with affiliated scholars and research partners here. If you would like to join our research collaboration, you are welcome to contact us.


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