12-13 AUGUST 2021

Buddhism, economy and value(s)

After over six years of innovative research, the CCBS’s collaborative project Buddhism, Business and Believers, funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities, is coming to an end.

This research project has investigated contemporary relations between business and Buddhism by combining the methods of language-based area studies, religious studies, anthropology and economics. The aim of the project was to gain novel insights into the manner in which Buddhism mediates value within material and spiritual exchanges. In doing so, it opened up a new field of research that focused on the interplay between religion and economics through the core focal points of exchange, value and materiality. As we are now wrapping up the project, we have gathered a group of leading scholars working on contemporary Buddhism in Japan, Bhutan, Laos, India, Mongolia, Tibet, and China for a workshop on BUDDHISM, ECONOMY AND VALUE(S) in Copenhagen on the 12-13th of August 2021. The workshop will investigate contemporary relations between economy and Buddhism via discussions on value and values. How does Buddhism mediate distinctions between virtue and value, spirituality and materiality, gifts and commodities? How do Buddhists ascribe meaning to objects, actions and human relations?

The participants are:

Elizabeth Williams-Oerberg, CCBS

Erica Baffelli, The University of Manchester

Jane Caple, CCBS

Jørn Borup, Aarhus Universitet

Mareike Wulff, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Nicola Schneider, Universität Bonn

Nicolas Sihlé, Centre for Himalayan Studies – CNRS

Patrice Ladwig, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity

Paulina Kolata, Lund Universitet

Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko, CCBS

Sonam Wangmo, Universität Bonn

Stephen Christopher, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Trine Brox, CCBS

The workshop is closed for more participants. Please follow our blog to be updated about future calls for papers.

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