CALL FOR PAPERS: Tibetan Materialities and Cultural Economies

November 2, 2018

This one-day workshop Tibetan Materialities and Cultural Economies is hosted by the Centre for Contemporary Buddhist Studies at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Deadline for submitting abstract is September 24 , 2018. Send your abstract and a brief biography to;;

This workshop seeks to engage with the resurgence of interest in Tibetan materialities by inviting papers to discuss Tibetan materialities and cultural economies, without necessarily privileging a Buddhist frame of reference. We welcome papers from scholars working in Tibetan contexts within or outside the geographical boundaries of Tibet, and who would like to engage in interdisciplinary discussions about materiality and economy. We imagine papers addressing topics within market and museum contexts such as sustainable tourism, heritage economies, Tibetan museologies, as well as encounters between different kinds of economies, including the digitalization, mass-production, branding, authenticity and marketing of Tibetan culture. We particularly welcome papers with an applied or practice oriented dimension that ask legal and economic questions of Tibetan heritage, curatorial or collection practices and sustainable tourism.

If your abstract is accepted, we will cover your travel expenses, meals and up to two nights’ accommodation. In preparation for the workshop, we will ask all participants to pre-circulate papers.

gaggal airport emmas pic 2018
Gaggal Airport, HP, India. Photo by Emma Martin


Trine Brox (Associate Professor, Modern Tibetan Studies, University of Copenhagen)

Miriam Koktvedgaard Zeitzen (Curator, Modern History and World Cultures, National Museum of Denmark)

Emma Martin (Museology, University of Manchester / Senior Curator of Ethnology, World Museum, Liverpool)

For more information, contact Trine Brox:


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